The Paranormal Bibliophile

{November 1, 2012}   Next stop adventure!

I have one true passion in life: books.  I read many genres and am often asked for recommendations on a variety of subjects.  With the current paranormal crush—Vampires and Werewolves and Demons, oh my!—well, it can be hard to figure out which authors are worth their salt.  So, I am starting this blog and I will begin posting authors you can count on for a great paranormal read.  I’ll tell you what my criteria is and if you disagree, you can check elsewhere.  I look for books with a strong central male or female character that doesn’t give up.  If the central character is male, he has to have a good sense of humor and he must be able to laugh at himself.  If the central character is female, she has to be strong and independent, but still have the ability to love and cherish humanity.  In my experience, characters lacking these traits end up appearing one dimensional and bland.  They don’t do enough to encourage your willing suspension of disbelief.  I hope you will find my recommendations helpful.  Please feel free to share your own recommendations if you believe they fit my criteria.


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