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{January 4, 2013}   Top 13 Books to Read in 2013
Good Morning Texas recommends 13 books to read in 2013. Several of them are paranormal in nature. I haven’t read any of them yet, but if any fit my criteria I’ll be sure to provide reviews.



{January 1, 2013}   Bitten by Deceit


Shawntelle Madison’s novella, Bitten by Deceit, is a fun and well written story about a werewolf who reaches out to her estranged mate when things go wrong with her pack. This is a great tale that fits my criteria of a strong female character who never gives up.  This is a creative mix of love conquers all with a little werewolf-zombie hybrid going on.  Oh, what’s not to love?  A note of caution, there were a few syntax issues later in the book, and the ending could have been slightly more thoroughly developed. All in all, I really liked the characters and was left wanting more.

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