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{November 14, 2012}   Kitty Norville Series

Carrie Vaughn‘s hero would fit my criteria to a T.  She is a woman with a backbone and a heart.  The protagonist, Kitty Norville, is a closet werewolf that decides to run a tongue-in cheek late-night radio show about the occult.  This is a great series for anyone that enjoys the writings of Laurel K. Hamilton or Kim Harrison.  I have but one complaint; the titles of each book are beyond ghastly:

1.  Kitty and The Midnight Hour

2.  Kitty Goes To Washington

3.  Kitty Takes A Holiday

4. Kitty and The Silver Bullet

and on and on and on…

The first time I bought a Carrie Vaughn book, I hid it in a pile of other books so no one would see the title.  Thank God for ereaders!  So, I add this caveat, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t judge a book by it’s title!  😉


{November 8, 2012}   Rachel Morgan Series
dead witch walking

dead witch walking (Photo credit: cdrummbks)

In this series about a witch who works for the non-human version of the FBI, Kim Harrison delivers a delightful tale in which humans humans co-exist with all sorts of paranormal living creatures.  The lead character, Rachel Morgan, works with her vampire partner to chase down all sorts of nasty paranormal criminals.  In betwixt this crime fighting, Rachel struggles to come to terms with her own sense of self and morality.  The characters are well developed and deal with issues of loyalty, morality, friendship and love.  Interspersed within Kim Harrison’s great story-telling is a sense of humor that can’t be beat.  Her characters witty verbal repartee challenges the reader not to grin and chuckle while reading each passage.  Currently, there are 10 books in the series with a likelihood of more to come.   Dead Witch Walking is Book #1.

{November 6, 2012}   Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

Laurell K. Hamilton delivers an intriguing mix of characters in the wildly popular, fast-paced series.  The main character, Anita Blake, is a biracial/Latino American woman who may be short in stature but definitely isn’t short on spunk.  She kicks butt, literally and figuratively.  Anita’s character grows and develops with the story throughout the series as does her circle of friends and enemies, and the books’ plots and mysteries.  This series isn’t for the faint of heart or for young readers; it’s quite racy and more than steamy.  The series also satisfies all of my criteria; while Anita confronts vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc…, she also knows when to find humor in the absurdity of her situation and she never gives up.  There are 21 books in the series, with Guilty Pleasures starting off the journey.

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